Teaching in schools

Teaching in schools

General Information: The school#1 is a public school located in Numrug soum, Zavkhan aimag. The soum is a beautifully landscaped area with a unique natural setting, combination of Khangai and Gobi and is 2579 meters above sea level. Total area is 3277 km², with population of 1814 as of 2014. The inhabitants of the hills are large. The weather ranges from 35C degrees to minus 50C, with extreme climate. The school has 363 students of which 182 are elementary level and 181 are in middle and high schoolers as well as 25 teachers and 19 staff members. 160 of the total students are from herders’ families and 40 of them live in dormitories. The rest of the herders’ children live with their relatives in soum center or commutes by horse.

The volunteer’s duties: Like students from other public schools, students of Numrug secondary school have English classes, however they do not have much access and opportunity to practice their English language skills. Planning and holding English language classes for middle school and high school classes. There is no prior experience is required, however, volunteer should be friendly, hardworking, dedicated and should be good at English. The volunteers are also encouraged to conduct teaching sessions with local teachers. 

Number of volunteer needed: 2 volunteers /English teachers/

Project dates: from September to December. From end of February to May

Program schedule:

  • Airport pick up at Chinggis Khaan airport in Ulaanbaatar.
  • Transfer to Numrug soum, Javkhan by Amaico for both ways. By car it takes between 17 and 20 hours till Numrug soum. From Tosontsengel to Numrug soum it takes over 120km by car for 4hours on off-road. By plane it takes 2hours till Tosontsengel city.
  • Monday to Friday volunteering, 40 hours per week
  • Weekends are off
  • Airport departure

We have more teaching options: Please contact us directly.

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