Dear traveler,

Welcome to our website. In the pages of our comprehensive website, you can find a wealth of information on our beautiful country – Mongolia and services of Amaico travels and get ideas to plan your next trip to this magnificent country.

Whether you want to explore the mysterious Gobi Desert to the breathtaking heights of Altai Mountain range or picturesque green hills of Khangai and Khentii Mountains to the immense steppes of the east, you can be sure your tour in Mongolia is unforgettable experience and a journey of lifetime.

Mongolia’s vastly diversified landscapes have a lot to offer for a sophisticated traveler. Except from visiting natural and historical sights, you should not miss opportunities of learning from our unique culture and entangling with the nature. Eco-based adventures like trekking, horse riding and rafting will certainly bring closer to the nature and give you unique opportunities of experiencing centuries-old nomadic lifestyles. Visiting nomads and meeting with locals will always be everyday routine activities of your journey in Mongolia.

We are committed to making your trip to Mongolia as exciting as you would imagine, while ensuring that wilderness is conserved and local cultural values are protected.