Elderly care

Elderly care

General Information: The "National Center for Elderly" is a specialized care center for senior citizens and disabled persons. The center was established in 1982 and it is the only one elderly care center in Mongolia. This center has capacity to have in average 130-150 people. Until 2010, it did not have any standardization in terms of its service. The elderly care center provides food, clothing, hospital, culture, psychology, and nursing services for elders who cannot live independently, does not have a child, relative or someone who can take care of them, and needs regular medical care. Although, the elderly care center is for people with age older than 55 for men, 60 for women, and people with disabilities, around 45% of all people have mental disorder. The oldest person in the center is 100 years old.

Location:  90km from the center of Ulaanbaatar. Amaico’s vehicles will be serviced for volunteers for both ways.

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